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Welcome to plantipolis

We use academic research to transform urban landscapes into biodiverse green spaces
where people and nature connect.

About us

We are dedicated to maximize green biodiverse spaces in the city.
These unique seasonally changing areas create opportunities for people to interact, connect to nature and benefit from its calming effect.
Our designs are unique. We tailor them so that they best serve citizens and at the same time we create habitats for native species.

We base our designs on academic research and collected data about environmental conditions in your area.

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Biodiversity & Cities

Biodiverse green spaces make cities more livable and are necessary to sustain and improve the quality of life in ever-growing urban areas. 

Biodiverse green spaces improve the city's microclimate.

  • They locally contribute to cooling during summer (evapotranspiration and/or shading)

  • They improve air and water quality

  • They reduce surface-runoff during heavy rainfalls 

  • They can act as windbreaks

  • They provide habitat and help preserve native species

  • Healthy soil and plants can capture and store carbon

With biodiverse green spaces, we are  actively working towards the UN Sustainability Goals

Biodiversity & Human Health

A wide variety of studies that have taken place over the past few decades have provided a much clearer picture of the connections between nature and human health in urban environments.

These studies have proven that biodiverse green spaces:

  • lower stress levels, and improve mental health and wellbeing

  • encourage physical activity

  • help to develop and strengthen the immune system

  • stimulate social interactions and the feeling of social coherence

  • mitigate the severity of urban stressors such as noise, ultrafine particles and extreme heat and by that prevent negative health outcomes

Community Garden

Malvina Kowalska
PhD Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UZH

While doing a Ph.D. I understood how human, animal, and environmental health are intertwined and depend on each other.  To secure our future, we need to first preserve biodiversity. 

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